Carmen Carrol

I have always enjoyed taking part in new things and learning something new, which at times can stretch you to the limits. I think in life we should at least try and see how we get on. I’ve always been an Entrepreneur and also keen to making an impact and leaving a legacy.

So my new venture has allowed my creativity to explode and has opened the world of writing and becoming an Author. So I would like to introduce my new book, Pathways to Healing Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Adult Pain of Sibling Rivalry. It is my journey of recovery from years of experiencing childhood trauma and adult pain from emotional and verbal abuse from the age of 6 years old. As a result, my life was full of rejection, low self-esteem, and feelings of condemnation and periods of depression.

Please do read more about the book as you explore the site. I do hope that this book will encourage you and give you hope in your own journey. Please feel free to share with others and I would appreciate reviews on the book via the platform where you purchased the book. I do hope to write more books and encourage more lives. You can also purchase my book on Amazon and other major book retailers.

Thank You : )