Carmen Carrol, is a new author who has the passion to focus on issues of the issues we can face in our relationships. We all want our relationships to be healthy, fruitful and empowering. Unfortunately in life this is not always the case.

Are you a Dreamer, just like Joseph in the Bible, carefree and enjoy life? Joseph’s story is well-known
and highlights the power of a single dream.  
In one moment, his life is changed. Joseph experienced the hurt of betrayal from his brothers, who sold him into slavery.

Carmen shares her own story of experiencing sibling rivalry. It began from the age of six and it had an impact on her adulthood. She draws lessons from Scripture to bring hope on how you can also walk through the maze of hurt, guilt, shame and confusion of past pain and overcome the challenges of today. She takes you on her journey of a painful experience that can bring the strongest person to their knees and takes you to a place of self-love, forgiveness, hope and healing. 

Carmen guides you through several pit stops in identifying the internal critic…those voices that pull you down and tells you that you are too sensitive. Learn how to change your inner dialogue and to walk on your own
Pathways to Healing.

Since she was a child, Carmen has always been creative––using her drawings and poetry to express herself to others. The last of eight siblings, she resides in Bristol, UK, and lives with her husband, Mel. She enjoys travelling and watching old movies. She is an Empowerment speaker and has contributed towards empowering women, using biblical teachings to improve every facet of their lives. She was a co-presenter on a community radio station for nine years alongside her husband. She used this platform to play uplifting music and share empowerment talks.

I have always enjoyed bringing people together, so the opportunities steadily presented themselves over the years, which brought me to running my own business. I have always worked in the community in varied roles, as a qualified Community and Youth Worker, which always brought out your creative and fun side. 
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" This book surprised me, as I've not read a book that outlines a persons experience of sibling rivalry in such detail. To know that someone has come through it is an eye opener"

- R D- London

" When I started to read this book, I didn't know what to expect, it was really interesting to find a book that outlined the emotional, and psychological affects of going through this experience. I'm sure it will help a lot of people."

- B- St Kitts & Nevis

" On a personal note, I've learned a lot about myself and you've inspired me to look into some things, so thank you!"

- E. Kiburi