About Me

Carmen possesses an innate creativity that manifests through various hobbies, such as writing heartfelt poetry, sketching intricate drawings, chronicling her thoughts in journals, and indulging in the charm of classic films. Like Alfred Hitchcock, to an old classic and her favourite movie lies the delightful gem called “Coming to America,” brimming with witty exchanges, family expectations, and, above all, contagious laughter.

Her culinary adventures are often centred around the delectable flavours of  Jamaican, Chinese and Italian cuisine, which she thoroughly enjoys both preparing and savouring. Dancing and singing with her beloved husband is always fun and keeps the marriage joyous and harmonised.

As an up-and-coming author, Carmen has come to realize that her writing delves deep into the complexities of human relationships, particularly the intricate dynamics of siblings and family bonds. Throughout her personal journey, she has encountered rejection, manipulation, and control since the tender age of six, burdening her with a lingering sense of blame and shame that persisted for years.

However, she has since unearthed a profound realization: every experience she endured, no matter how trying, has contributed to the development of her character in ways that would otherwise remain unexplored.

Determined to use the fuel of her past pain to propel herself forward, Carmen stands unwaveringly by her truth, embracing the life she was destined to live. With unwavering faith, she believes that all things will ultimately work together for her good and bring glory to a God.


In her book Pathways to Healing, she shares with you her journey to healing, self-love, and acceptance – the journey is ongoing, but the pain does not hurt as much as it used to. If you have experienced any form of emotional or verbal abuse for years, you might find it difficult to make the right choices in finding people with whom you can be yourself without fear of judgment. Our relationships can be affected and tainted by our own childhood experiences if they’ve been full of emotional, verbal, sexual, or physical abuse.

This then blurs our perception, and we start looking at the world through tinted glasses, seeing and entering into every other relationship; with feelings filled with a lack of trust, safety and fear. We feel vulnerable as we don’t want to be rejected or hurt again by others. She shares with you her journey to healing, self-love and acceptance – the journey is ongoing, but the pain does not hurt as much as it used to.