Over the years as an Events Promoter, I have always enjoyed bringing people together, through the varied art forms, music, literature, comedy or theatre. I have organised and took part in both indoor and outdoor events, some of which attracted 100,000.

I have always been a creative person when I was a little child you could always find me in the corner sketch drawing or writing poetry. So I love the organic expression of art and the story that comes from that creativity.

I was involved for a number of years with a local Women’s College, as a speaker and educator providing a range of Biblical teachings that cover topics that are close to our heart and the issues that you face on a daily basis: Family life, Finances, Self Esteem, Purpose & Destiny and more.

I like to dance to laugh with my husband, we enjoy all types of music but we are lovers of Soulful House music. I enjoy watching old movies, comedies. I love reading, cooking and baking, travelling aboard and exploring other cultures.

I believe in Giant slaying and overcoming all obstacles that come into my life. I encourage others to keep on getting back up and make it happen. I also run my Events Promotion and Marketing Company, in Bristol, UK.

My Night & Day

Night and Day, 24 hours is enough to bear

Thank you for the moon and stars, sun and clouds that tag each other at the right time to shine

Night and Day, 24 hours is enough to share

My pain, my hurts, my concerns with you Poppa God

Thank you for hearing me all the time and for answering my prayers

Thank you, LORD, that you are my Moon and Star, Sun and Cloud, my Night and Day

Poem C. Carrol 1990’s