Signs That You Are Healing.


How do you judge, that you are overcoming a difficult situation or a challenging time in your life? How do you know when a season looks like it’s coming to an end, or that you’ve changed in the middle of it? I think you may be able to identify with the following list. It’s not an exhaustive list as there are so many other indicators that show up in our lives as well.

So, the Veg and Fruity gang will be helping me to share this with you. I hope it will help you towards identifying for yourself that you are healing amid any difficult situations, when you’re in the middle of something it’s hard to see any momentum of change. So changing your focus now and again, and purposely looking for signs that can bring a level of hope even if the situation around you has not yet changed. The important thing is that you change in the middle of it. So some of the signs that you are healing, I’ll like to share with you as an indicator:

  • Breaking Old Patterns – When you react calmer and differently to trauma triggers, that would have sent you into a tailspin. I could stop here!
  • Forgiving Yourself – It’s time to let yourself out of the cage of unforgiveness, it’s a gift you should give to yourself often.
  • Accepting Support – Asking for help, because you know you deserve it too.
  • Managing Emotions – Realising that not every situation requires you to respond to it. Sometimes you need to be silent, and not let your emotions take you down a dark hole.
  • Validating Yourself Having gratitude for you, when was the last time you celebrated yourself?  When was the last time you treated yourself as good as you treat others?  It is as simple as giving yourself a gift, to speaking more kindly to you.
  • Setting & Maintaining Boundaries – Creating healthy boundaries is a necessity in all of your relationships; be it work, home, family or associates. Boundaries protect you and others, it draws a new line in the sand that proclaims “I will no longer accept being treated disrespectfully”, or “I will not tolerate that sort of behaviour anymore”.

Thanks, for now, have a great weekend!

Stay Safe Physically & Emotionally 

Carmen xoxo


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