What do you do, when all you’ve tried does not work?


Let me first start by saying, sorry about the length of this Blog, but I’ve just got so much to share with you.  You know when you’re going through a challenging time, you try to find a solution to the recurring problems; hoping that what you’re experiencing will soon be over. Thank God, that some situations do come to a natural end, and then we can move on with our lives.

But some things in life seem too stubborn and just won’t move! What do you do, when all you’ve tried does not work? We can do several things; we get frustrated and fortify ourselves again and go back into the situation and try to have better conversations, or we go back in and start fighting verbally, (or physically) and we get angry and displeased with others. We can get out of character in an attempt to find answers to the confusion going on in our lives, and we feel like we have just done ten rounds in a boxing ring and we’re spinning in confusion again!

We can get disappointed and feel so depleted of energy, and to try again is just too much because nothing else has worked! We don’t know which way to go, what to say, or even can see a way out!

Can you identify with these experiences in your own life, and you’ve longed for your sibling relationships to be better, free from shame, blame accusations and jealousy, but WHEN, will it change I hear you cry!

This was my experience for years with some of my siblings, where I did everything I could to make my relationships better, but unfortunately, some did not meet me halfway towards reconciliation because the problem according to them was not theirs to fix. I was the problem, and that brought a weight of shame that made me think – internally what’s wrong with me? I’ve now learnt that other people’s issues are not mines to carry.

I found out over the years, that my superpowers were being an EMPATH,  which has a number of qualities like being: –
* A good listener and helping others to talk about their feelings.
* Feeling other people’s pain as if it were your own, which can be hard at times as you need to learn to identify what’s feelings are yours and the other persons.
* You are a seeker of peace and truth; you work towards reconciliation where possible.


We are also classified as being a Highly Stentative Person (HSP) –

* You’re able to display an increased emotional sensitivity to situations and people.
* You have strong reactions to internal and external stimuli and have a complex inner life.
* You also notice the subtle changes in others.
* You are intuitive and can read other peoples motives, but you can have moments of feeling overwhelmed so you need time to retreat. I’ve found that these superpowers are very useful when dealing with difficult relationships.

*|FNAME|*, so taking all that into consideration, what do you do now, maybe it’s time to finally find a place to LET GO of what you’ve been trying to fix or fight by yourself, and open your hands and cast- throw – roll all your cares unto God, and let him do what only He can do to change the situation, but most importantly CHANGE you in the middle of it all.

I’ve been so encouraged that some of you have reached out to me via email, to share your stories, it’s has been such a blessing, and I hope that as we walk through this journey to recovery, restoration, peace and freedom! That your very life will tell the story of what you overcame, Yes, yes!!

So until next time, please do feel free to connect with me on any of the social media platforms, where you will find loads of updated information, you know my favourites by now are Instagram and Facebook.


Thanks, for now, have a great weekend!

Stay Safe Physically & Emotionally 

Carmen xoxo




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