Step by Step and Moving Forward


I was thinking about how we sometimes step into new opportunities, new relationships, and new dimensions in our lives without even realizing how they came about. However, I realized nothing just happens, we are constantly surrounded by cause and effect. So when we’ve prayed a lot, planted a seed, chosen to let go of the past, and cried until we have no more tears remaining, perhaps then we can accomplish something great?

When we have exhausted ourselves, something starts to happen in us and around us – as we are able to have those new opportunities come to us. It could also be true when you begin to take better care of yourself! Deciding to forgive more, taking time out and not sweating the small stuff.  It’s then that we start allowing ourselves to become more authentic and we become more open to receiving the things we’ve longed for, and our journey begins to turn into a different path towards relationships that are right for us. We start getting to the right places at the right time with the right help.

so do you put yourself first on your priority list? Does everyone else come first before you, and there is no time for you?  We have to make a conscious decision where we put ourselves on our to-do list so that we can live a fulfilling life that is happy and hopeful.

The decision is a daily task to put ourselves first, steering our lives in a new direction. So, let me ask you how are you going to start putting yourself first in your life? You can add to the ideas I’ve given already on how you can become the happiest and most fulfilled?


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