How your childhood affects your love styles.


First, let me apologise for the delay in getting this email to you – I’ve had some technical issues that now have been sorted out, (breathe a sigh of relief)!

So, over the next couple of emails, I will be dropping into your inbox some content that I hope you will find useful. We will be focusing on the various effects of trauma on our attitude, self-worth and all facets of our lives.

Sometimes we’re not aware of the effects of the trauma in our lives, because we’ve lived in a negative cycle for years. It can be full of fear, shame, doubt amongst other negative feelings. What we experience can have deep roots to it, and at times our attitudes can cause us to act out of character because the pain has shaped our mental state.  

Over several years, I have been engaging with Phsyco2Go, I have found their content to be useful and impactful, in the field of Psychology. The bite-size educational videos they create, aim to simultaneously entertain and educate you on the dynamics of relationships. You can watch the YouTube video here, you will find lots of useful tips on working through the maze of challenging relationships.

So, I would like to share one of the Phys2Go contents with you. I thought it would bring enlightenment in the area of understanding your love styles. They only focus on 5 areas; so which ones do you think you are? 

1. The Controller 

2. The Pleaser

3. The Avoider

4. The Facilitator

5. The Victim

I know that I can move in and out of all 5 depending on the circumstances, I’m working on being more consistent. So, which styles do you identify with, was it a surprise to you? – This is not an exhaustive list as our love styles can be expressed in many other ways as well.

For instance being a perfectionist, overworking to be loved by others. Whichever ones resonant with you, you may feel stuck in a cycle. So awareness is key to bringing about change into your life.

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Stay Safe Physically & Emotionally 

Carmen xoxo


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